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The Economics of the Game

A Completely Player Driven Economy with Cryptographic Assets on the Blockchain

In-Game Currencies

There are two in-game currencies.


SFEOS is cryptocurrency both in-game and outside of the game. In the story of the game it is created by running nodes within the AI subsystems of each participating ship. SFEOS is also the form of payment you receive by completing some missions within the game.


FIAT is the currency created, distributed, recognized and used by Merikos. It is created in the form of debt (not unlike our own fiat currencies). With the control of this currency, Merikos controls the lives of those who live in Merikos Space.

Real World EOS Tokens

There are currently X real world tokens associated to the the SFEOS game.


SFEOS is a real world token within the EOS blockchain. It can be traded on participating exchanges. Each day of non-automated gameplay a small portion of the currency is created and available in your ship wallet. This is a very small amount. SFEOS is also created by completing in-game missions.

SFEOS can be converted into SFEOS_FNDR tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Resource Tokens (SFEOS_PortName_ResourceType)

Players can offload (ie convert) in-game resources at the ports (smart contracts) so they can be traded in the real world. The resource tokens can be purchased and held in your wallet. They cannot become in-game resources unless you convert them back by visiting the specific port where they were created. In-game transporters do not work across nodes in space.

SFEOS Meritocracy Token (SFEOS_MERIT)

These tokens are a membership token used by the group of developers and content creators who mentor others, curate proposals into tasks, and estimate costs of tasks. These are folks going above and beyond to make sure SFEOS is successful. Changing the distribution of SFEOS_MERIT tokens requires a vote of 70% of other token holders. (See “The Ongoing Crowd Founding of the Game” for more details on The Meritocracy). This pool of tokens will eventually be transferred into the 50% founder tokens.

SFEOS Founder Tokens (SFEOS_FNDR)

Founder token holders receive a portion of the game “fees” equal to their percentage of held coins. Founder token holders receive a discount on the Proposal Creation costs. Founder token holders vote on the use of the SFEOS budget (See “The Ongoing Crowd Founding of the Game” for more details).

SFEOS_FNDR can be converted into SFEOS tokens at a 1:1 ratio, but the rate of conversion is limited to no more than 5% of the total they hold per week.